About us

Hiring First was established in 2020 to bridge the gap between “Job seekers” and “Employers”. It is designed mainly for “Blue Collar” and “Grey Collar” professionals and the small and medium-sized companies who seek to hire them. Built by industry experts who analyse the recurring problems in the job market and provide solutions to it. As the majority of the job seekers fall under the “Blue Collar” and “Grey Collar” categories, we guide them to get into the companies that are looking to hire those professionals. Our web application will navigate and help users get a feel of what they want and get that fulfilled. Our automatic search technique provides you constant communication through Text Message, Email and WhatsApp. You will be notified when a new job gets posted and a new candidate that applies to your job posting.


High quality team of individuals who help job seekers and employers to fulfil their job needs.


To create a trustworthy staff, employee and employer friendly environment and to become the most successful entrepreneur in the industry.


Efficiency :

Quality over quantity. Limited number of candidates and employers will be handled by an individual in order to provide quality service. Commitment: We deliver what we promise. We commit to service the best in the industry.

Consistency :

We provide quality service to both job seekers and employers on a consistent basis.

Perseverance :

It doesn’t matter how long it takes to succeed, we will continue to service people.

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) :

We provide equal employment opportunities to our staff and employees.

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Frequently Asked Question?

Is registration on the job portal free?
Yes, the registration is 100% free.

How does the job portal work for job seekers?
It helps you to connect with employers that hire “Blue Collar” and “Grey Collar” job seekers.

What can I do so that multiple employers will contact me?
While creating your profile, select up to 5 categories that best suits your career.

How do I search for job adverts on the job portal?
You will find the list of all open jobs under the jobs section using the filters.

How do I apply for job posts?
Once you have identified the suitable job, you can apply directly.

How do I receive free email/SMS Alerts?
You will be communicated via email/SMS once a new job gets posted under your selected category.

I cannot find a suitable job on the job search page. What should I do?
Connect with us via email/call (careers@hiringfirst.com/7358973814).

What is the timeframe of the overall recruitment process?
It depends on companies’ internal recruitment processes.

Do I have to pay to see the full job listings?
You don’t have to pay neither employer nor Hiring First.

Where can I find the unique ID of the position I am applying for?
You will find a unique id under each job.

How can I get an update on my application?
The employer will contact you directly.

How do I delete my account?
Connect with us via email/call (careers@hiringfirst.com/7358973814)

Is registration on the job portal free?
Yes, the registration is 100% free.

How can I post a job?
Click on the post new under the job section.

Can I post a job for free?
Yes, you can post as many jobs as you want for free.

How can I edit/hold/delete/close a job?
Under the manage jobs section, you will find options to edit/hold/delete/close a job.

How do I receive free email Alerts?
You will be communicated via email whenever a new application is received on your job.

How can I contact job seekers?
Once you receive the application, you can contact them directly on their phone/email/WhatsApp/SMS.

Can I access the candidate database?
No, you cannot access the complete candidate database. But a maximum of 10 candidates will be added to your database.

I forgot my password, how can I reset it?
You can click on the forgot password to recover your old password.

What do I do if my account is locked?
Connect with us via email/call (careers@hiringfirst.com/7358973814).

I am unable to log in due to a technical error.
Connect with us via email/call (careers@hiringfirst.com/7358973814)

I am unable to access my profile due to an incorrect log in or too many failed attempts?
Connect with us via email/call (careers@hiringfirst.com/7358973814)

When I try to register, it says my email address is reserved and cannot be used.
Which means, you have already registered with us.

How do I change my password?
Your profile will have an option to change the password.

If I create a profile on mobile, will I be able to access it via desktop as well?
Yes, you can access via mobile as well as desktop.

I have not found an answer to my question above. What should I do?
Connect with us via email/call (careers@hiringfirst.com/7358973814)

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